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2023 Board of Trustees

The Middlesex Yacht Club is managed by a Board of Trustees. The Flag officers and the Trustees are elected at the Annual membership meeting held each November. Appointments are made by the Commodore and approved at the December Board meeting.

Flag Officers:
           Commodore:  Carin Mancini, P.C.
           Vice Commodore:  Frank Shipuleski, P.C.
           Rear Commodore:  Tom Makaravitz
           Secretary:  Brittany Bova
           Treasurer:  Ted Lund, P.C.

            Trustee (2 year term): 
James Trommer Jr.
            Trustee (2 year term): Jesse Scott
            Trustee (1 year term): Robert Meskill
            Trustee (1 year term): Brandon Page
            Trustee (1 year term): Molly Lund


            Chair of the Grounds Committee:  Paul Hermann, P.C.
            Chair of the House Committee: 
Lori Shipuleski
            Chair of Membership/By-Law Committee:  Jackie Rowe
            Chair of the Pool Committee:  Tom Cooper, P.C.
            Fleet Captain:  Tom Lavender
            Social Member Representative:  Suzanne Sosnowski

Past Commodore: 
Carin Mancini, P.C.

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