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Each new prospective member of MYC must be recommended by a current MYC member that is in good standing.

Responsibilities of a Sponsor 

The Sponsor will take interest in the prospective new member beyond signing the Application to become a member at Middlesex Yacht Club.

A signing Sponsor will be willing to accompany the Applicant(s) to events and will work to introduce those wishing to become members to current members.  If there are no opportunities to attend an event, then the Sponsor must be present at the Orientation Meeting to introduce the Applicant to the Members.  Sponsors should also accompany the Applicant either at the time they are presented to the Board or the night of their election.

The Sponsor will make sure that the Applicant has a good understanding of membership in the Club (ex., mandatory attendance at Spring and Fall Clean-up, fun activities such as Friday Night Suppers, Annual Commissioning, Commodore's Ball, etc).

The Sponsor should know the Applicant well enough to express to the Board why this Applicant should be approved as a Member of Middlesex Yacht Club.


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